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Arizona motorists contributing to our air pollution problem.There's been a lot said about the dirty air in Arizona. We see it every day. We breathe it every day. We also contribute to it every day as we commute in our cars to our work or play. Arizona drivers collectively drive millions of miles daily, burning millions of gallons of gasoline and adding tons of pollution to our precious air. Big trucks roar down the freeway burning diesel fuel and adding their contribution to our economy... and a brown cloud.

We all know it's a problem.. but what's the answer?

When it comes to refining oil, a lot has changed over the years. Just as technology has changed our lives for the better, so too technology has changed the way gasoline and diesel fuel are produced.

Yes, the Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma refinery will produce some emissions - that's the nature of refining. But the effect of burning cleaner gasoline and diesel fuels in Arizona will be a net reduction of pollution produced by commuters and trucks. In other words, while the refinery will send some emissions into the air, the net effect of cleaner-burning fuels being used in the cars and trucks will be to help clean the air.

And that's the point. The Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma refinery is being located far away from any metropolitan area so as not to contribute in any major way to the air problem, but close enough to population centers to serve the state's consumers and assist in cleaning the air. In fact, when taken in context, the refinery project could be the most reasonable and economical way to reduce our air pollution.

Airzona Clean Fuels Refinery Site Photographs

The project location in Yuma County is remote, yet close enough to the major population centers of Arizona to provide easy access for fast delivery of fuel product. (click on thumbnails for larger image)

Project location
Project site

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