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What is Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma?

Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma, LLC is a company dedicated to producing the cleanest burning gasoline, diesel and jet fuel that can be produced in the United States today. To this end, Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma is building a refinery in Arizona which, when completed, will be the most advanced fuel refinery in North America.

Where will the refinery be built?

The Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma refinery is planned for a remote area about 100 miles southwest of Phoenix and about 48 miles east of Yuma in Yuma County on the north side of Interstate 8.

What do you mean when you say the "cleanest fuel"?

The fuels produced at the proposed refinery will meet or exceed all current and projected product quality requirements that impact emissions from users such as automobiles, trucks, trains and airplanes. These ultra clean burning fuels allow for the introduction of the new generation gasoline and diesel engines that operate virtually pollution free.

What will this refinery mean to me in Arizona?

Arizona consumers are presently at the mercy of refineries that operate in California or Texas. This leads to price and supply fluctuations that negatively affect Arizona drivers. The Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma refinery will go a great distance toward correcting this problem, acting as a ready supply for Arizona. But that's not the best news. The net effect of a cleaner burning fuel being used in our state means tons of exhaust pollution that would have gone into the air, instead will not go into the air. Indeed, as recent experience proves, people are not ready to give up the freedom that comes with the automobile… and big trucks will continue to roll down the highways delivering goods to their final destinations. In light of these facts, a cleaner burning fuel is the most powerful and practical weapon that we have to fight for clean air in Arizona. And the Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma refinery is being built for that purpose.

How big is it?

The plant is a huge economic investment. Owners of the project (many of whom call Arizona home) are planning to spend well over three billion dollars constructing the refinery. When complete, the plant is expected to employ hundreds of people and pay tens of millions of dollars annually in taxes - Even more if you count the businesses that will be created and employees hired as a result of the ripple effect the refinery will have on the local economy. The site covers approximately 1,400 acres of land with an additional 155 acres of land area surrounding the facility that will be used as a buffer zone and for additional offshoot industries.

How much fuel will it produce?

The plant will be able to produce approximately 6 million gallons per day of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

When will the refinery be up and running?

Once the necessary permits are obtained, Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma will immediately begin construction of the refinery - a three to four year process. Obtaining permits to build and operate the facility is not an easy task, as government regulators at all levels have developed stringent rules and guidelines that must be followed. We anticipate full operation in late 2013.

Won't this refinery be a major source of pollution?

Just as technology has advanced and changed our lives, so has technology advanced and changed the way oil is refined. Yes, refineries do produce emissions and ours will not be an exception. Neither will the emissions have an impact on the people living in the area near the refinery. The project will be the most remote site compared to other existing refinery locations in the southwestern U.S.

Will it affect the Yuma area air quality?

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality would not have issued a permit if the Department determined the refinery would have a significant adverse impact on air quality. The important fact to keep in mind with regard to emissions is this: what counts is the net effect. The net effect of cleaner gasoline and diesel being used by consumers in Arizona means car/truck pollution that would have gone into our air will not go into our air because of the Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma refinery.

I've seen pictures of refineries with tall stacks belching black smoke. Is this what we can expect?

Absolutely not. Technology has come a long way since the days when refineries put out black smoke for the entire world to see and breathe. The Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma refinery will be the newest in the nation complete with the Best Available Control Technology as required by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. The refinery won't emit any black smoke to be seen or breathed, in fact, the only visible emission from the plant will be steam.

What about other environmental impacts?

The Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma refinery will meet or exceed all of the many rules and regulations regarding our environment. No radioactive or other such extremely hazardous wastes or chemicals will be created or used at the site, nor will hydrofluoric or sulfuric acids be used.

Is water a problem?

The project will use approximately the same amount of water that a cotton farmer on the property would use to grow cotton or citrus. The water will come from the Colorado River and backup water would come from underground wells. Additionally, the refinery is being designed with a sophisticated water recycling system that will make wise use of this precious resource.

What about safety?

Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma intends to be an industry leader in refinery safety. We will rigidly adhere to and enforce both mandatory and voluntary stringent safety requirements in order to protect the health and safety of all employees, contractors and the public. Special emphasis will be placed on hazard prevention, assessment and communication. We will meet or exceed all state and federal OSHA regulations. And, before any employee is allowed to entire the site, he or she shall be required to have a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA training and retraining. We will have full-time personnel devoted solely to on-site safety monitoring and enforcement. Our emergency response team will be capable of handling any facility event and will work with all state and local government agencies in cooperative training and response programs. In addition, we will maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace, including implementation of an aggressive, random drug-testing program.

Is Arizona ready for this? Do we really need a refinery in our state?

Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Currently, all of our fuel supply comes from out-of-state, which puts consumers in Arizona at a severe disadvantage. Unstable prices and unsteady supply that we all have recently experienced are only two of the many problems that can be at least partially solved with an instate refinery.

What type of employment opportunities will the project create?

The refinery project expects to provide numerous jobs during the course of construction and operation. Over 3000 people will be needed to construct the refinery and over 600 jobs will be created in order to operate the refinery and its ancillary components.

All hiring information will be posted to this website as it becomes available. Thank you for your continuing interest in this important Arizona project.

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