Cleaner burning fuels to support our environment and our future.
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About Arizona Clean Fuels

We are Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma, a Phoenix-based company dedicated to the idea that a cleaner fuel is a better fuel. And we're not just talking about it. We're doing something about it.

About 100 miles southwest of Phoenix, in Yuma County, Arizona, we're planning the most technologically advanced refinery in the history of the United States. When completed, the Arizona Clean Fuels refinery will produce the cleanest burning gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in all of North America. As the first such facility in Arizona, the refinery will not only ensure cleaner burning fuels for Arizona's drivers, it will also free us from total dependency on California and Texas for our transportation fuels.

When completed, the $3 billion facility will provide a stable supply of environmentally friendly fuel in the state that reduces harmful emissions from vehicles and provides the ultra low sulfur fuels necessary for the new generation gas and diesel engines that operate virtually pollution-free.

Glenn McGinnis

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